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How Do I Get Pages To Accept a Word It Says Is Spelled Wrong?

I have a client whose name is unusual, I can’t find a way to have it accepted and not changed to a totally different word.

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    3 years ago

    In Pages when you see a word it thinks is spelled wrong, it should be underlined in red. Simply Control+click the word and you have the option to Ignore Spelling, which will mark that instance as ok, or Learn Spelling, which will add it to its list and not mark it as wrong again.

    Now if in addition to marking it red, it is changing it to something else before you have a chance to stop it, then you have two choices. The first is to turn off Edit, Spelling and Grammar, Correct Spelling Automatically. Or, you could leave that on and simply press Command+Z when it corrects the spelling the next time, then it restores the work and now you can Control+click and use Learn Spelling so it doesn’t happen again.

    There is another option. You can go to Pages, Preferences, Auto-Correction. Then click on the Ignored Words button. Then use the + button there to manually add the word.

    3 years ago

    Thank you , thought I was going crazy.


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