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How Do I Get Soft Edges for a Picture In Keynote?

In powerpoint you get the feature to make a picture have soft or blured edges. You can also set the percentage of the edge to be blured. Does Keynote has a similar function? If not, how can I create a picture with soft or blured edges in keynote?

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    2 years ago

    You can do this in Keynote. Select the image and click on Format in the upper right corner if you aren’t already seeing the Format sidebar on the right. Choose Style at the top of the Format sidebar.

    Then look at the image styles, in groups of 6, right at the top. If you see multiple pages of 6 styles, use the arrows at the left and right to get to the first page. There is one that shows a fuzzy edge. The middle on the second row (Keynote 8.3). If you select that, you get a fuzzy edge.

    Now you can customize it quite a bit. After all, those styles are just some presets. So look below and start with Border. The fuzzy edge is a “Picture Frame” border as opposed to a “Line.” Then click on the box to the left of “Scale” to choose a different type of fuzzy edge or other style.

    You can also alter the Scale to make fuzzy border larger, and even play with Shadow to add a colored glow.

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