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How Do I Hear the Sound On a Garage Band Track As I Advance Slowly To Edit?

I am trying to edit a voice recording on Garage band. When I try to choose the section I want to cut out, I can’t hear the sound as I scroll forwards and backwards slowly with the arrow button on my keyboard. The sound is only audible when I hit the play button and that goes too fast for editing. Thanks for your help, the editing video was really useful I just need this bit of guidance too. Alison

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    8 years ago

    What you are talking about is "scrubbing." GarageBand doesn't have that. The way to accurately cut out a section is to use the Region editor below, not the tracks at the top. So double-click on the track to get the editor.
    Then zoom in so you can see the visual waveform clearly when you play the sound. If you are zoomed too far out it is hard to relate the visual to what you hear. Then play short sections by selecting them and using the spacebar to play. Keep adjusting the section to you get what you want before cutting it out. Or, use Command+T to split the track at the start and then Command+T again to split it at the end and delete the section.

    8 years ago

    Try Audacity for editing audio. I think its much more user friendly. Its a free download and takes much less computer resources.

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