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How Do I Insert Text Into a Pages Document Before a Table?

I know that this is a silly question but I created a Pages document with a table at the top of page 1. I cannot figure out how to insert text before the table. Please help.

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    3 years ago

    All you need to do is to place the cursor before the table and then type. That is, unless you have converted the document to a “page layout” document? If so, then there is no text body there for you to type into.

    Otherwise, try clicking to the left of the table to put the cursor there, and then hit Return immediately to insert a line before it. That may make it easier. You can also click below the table and then use the left arrow key to move the cursor backward so it is to the left of the table.

    3 years ago

    If it is a Page Layout document, he can add a text box before the table. Just click on the upper left circle in the table and drag it down to make room for the Text Box.

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