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How Do I Keep a Book In Sync Between My iPad and iPhone?

I have a book in iBooks. I read it mostly on my iPad but sometimes I read it on my iPhone. I thought that iBooks would advance to the latest page read no matter what device I last read it on? That doesn’t appear to be happening. Is there a way to keep the last page I read consistent between devices? Or is it meant to be disjoint? Thanks

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    3 years ago

    Are both devices running the most recent version of iOS? That’s the first thing to check.

    Then look in Settings, iBooks. See if your “Sync” setting are turned on. Look on both devices. Also, of course, both devices need to be using the same iCloud Account (Apple iD) for iBooks.

    I’m not sure if the pages will sync. On the one hand, it seems they should. But on the other, maybe you are right in that it is a feature that they can both have their own current page. After all, for text books or travel books, I wouldn’t want the page to change on one when it changes on the other.

    But at the very least you should be able to sync bookmarks this way, so you can bookmark the page on one, and then jump to that bookmark on the other.

    3 years ago

    Thanks. Now on a related topic, how does one insert a bookmark? Can you have more than one? How do you remove them? I looked through iBooks help and found nothing. Thanks

    3 years ago

    Gene: While reading look at the top right and you’ll see a little bookmark icon. Tap it and it turns red to show you’ve put a bookmark there.
    You can add as many as you want. Tap the menu button at the top left and you get a list of Contents/Bookmarks/Notes. Tap on Bookmarks and you can see them, jump to one, delete, etc.

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