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How Do I Keep All By Files On a Flash Drive In “Date Modified” Configuration?

Every time I add a file to my Flash Drive, I always have to change the order of my files to “Date Modified” configuration. Is their a way to keep this from changing?
Thanks Gary

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    4 years ago

    There is no such thing as a Date Modified "configuration." You are simply looking at a list of files in the Finder and they have to be sorted in some way: alphabetical, date created, date modified, etc. So each time you view it, it sorts it in a default method.

    It should remember the sort order you selected, but perhaps it is not if you are not using a Flash drive that is formatted specifically for a Mac. Is that the case? What format is the drive using? If not formatted for Mac, then there is no little settings file that gets created on it to save your sort preference. That's my guess anyway.

    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary, my flash has not been formatted for Mac, which I believe is one your articles on the latest MacMost.

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