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How Do I Make a CD Copy for Use In Car With External Player?

I have a practice vocal cd I use when driving. I keep originals in my house. My one copy for my old car has new glitches after many years of use, but my new car has no CD player and I tried making a new copy which doesn’t work when I plug the external player into AUX. I vaguely remember something about finalizing a disk for auto but I can’t remember the details about that now. I’m not ready to give up CD’s. Thanks

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    5 years ago

    There are two types of CDs you can use for this. One is a data CD-ROM that contains music files in a started format, usually mp3. These are often called MP3 CDs. The format for these usually cannot be one of the Mac-specific formats, but either Windows or ISO or something like that. Then the files need to be a specific format too (standard mp3 with a specific bitrate, etc). You'd need to check the docs or support pages for your car's CD player to find out exactly.

    But the other type is probably what you are taking about. That's a standard Audio CD. That format is a special thing that will work with CD players going back to the 1980s. It is the format of the CDs we buy in stores, the ones with only 60-80 minutes of music on them.

    To make Audio CDs, you use iTunes (or the Music app in Catalina). See for instructions.

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