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How Do I Make PDF File On Preview To Autofill In Certain Places Repeatedly ?

i am using moajave mac 10.14.6 i have agency that i work with and they send me always pdf file that i need to responde every time i need to fill out all the personal info all over again and again is there a way to speed it or be more efficiant ?
mark moran

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    5 years ago

    Is the PDF exactly the same? Then just save it and use it over and over.

    Or, if it changes, do all the pages change? You can always copy and paste pages from the left sidebar thumbnails in Preview, so you can copy and paste the pages that are the same, and not the other ones.

    You can also use copy and paste. Have the previous one on the left side of the screen and the new one on the right and copy and paste your answers between them.

    You can also use Text Replacement in System Preferences, Keyboard to set some replacements up to speed things up. For instance, if one field is your street address, such as "123 Street Road" you can set up "123sr" to be replaced with "123 Street Road" to make it quicker to type.

    How about annotations? Instead of filling out their fields in the PDF, place text box annotations where you want the text you type to be placed. Then if you select those annotations (Shift+click to select multiple) you can select them from the old PDF and paste them into the new one and they should appear at the same place on the page.

    Of course another possibility is to reach out to that agency and explain the situation. Good organizations would want to reduce waste, increase efficiency and eliminate the possibility for errors. So maybe once they know of the problem they can offer a better solution, such as an online form or a pre-filled form for each client.

    5 years ago

    Hey thank you to the fast response . To clarify it’s the same pdf docs as per to places i need to fill out but I have to do it always in the in the new pdf forma cause the data there is different but my part is to fill out pretty munch the same and it’s repetitive hope to find solution best regards mark

    5 years ago

    thank you for the tips very helpful

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