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How Do I Open All My Word Documents In Open Office ?

For text documents I use Open Office, but I always save as —.Doc files as I share them with friends who use Microsoft word, We do not use Pages.
I cannot find the place where I can open ALL my .docs with Open Office, but I can set individual .docs to open. I had this set correctly in my old Mac (High Sierra)but Catalina seems different. Can you advise please
I right click on the document and then select ‘other’ then choose Open Office and this sets just the one .doc to open in Open Office, I want to set ALL .docs to use OO

I want to open ALL my (Word) .doc files in Open Office, not Pages.

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    2 years ago

    Select one of those files in the Finder. Then use File, Get Info. Then under the section in the Info window for Open With, select the app you wish to use. Once you select an app, click the Change All button right under that.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for this.

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