Forum Question: How Do I Play iPad Games Through My Apple TV?

I want to play the games on my iPad through Apple tv so I can see them on the big screen.

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    12/18/11 @ 10:24 am

    What you need to to is to use AirPlay streaming.
    For this you need the iPad 2 (not 1) and the Apple TV 2 (not 1).
    Make sure both are completely up-to-date with software. They both need to be on the same wifi network.
    On the Apple TV, go into setting and make sure that AirPlay is enabled.
    Then on your iPad double press the Home button to bring up the controls at the bottom of the screen. Swipe left to right until you get to the playback/volume controls section. You’ll see the button for AirPlay there. Tap it and select your Apple TV 2.
    In a second the TV should switch to mirroring your iPad’s screen. Now you can start playing games and the screen will show up on the TV.

      Robert paul
      12/27/11 @ 11:46 am

      Thanks for your advice on connecting both components i hsve done this and when loading a game on the i pad i can hear the sound on the tv but there is no display screen it stays on menu options ?

        12/27/11 @ 11:57 am

        Are you using the iPad 2 (not 1) and the Apple TV 2 (not 1). And do you have both completely updated to the latest versions of their OSes?

          Robert paul
          12/28/11 @ 10:49 am

          Thankyou Gary you were spot on my I pad needed updating and now all works fine.

    John Russell
    12/18/11 @ 4:22 pm

    This sounds great! Any time lag between iPad and display? I assume the TV, via Apple TV, will optimally conform the iPad game to its screen, right, whether you’re in portrait or landscape orientation?

      12/18/11 @ 5:39 pm

      Try it, you’ll see. Some lag, maybe, but depends on your network equipment, of course.

    12/20/11 @ 8:58 am

    Thanks for your help. Works a treat. Now for some games designed for apple tv. Any suggestions?

      12/20/11 @ 9:04 am

      There are about 500,000 apps available and many (most?) are games. I don’t think any are specifically designed to be played mirrored on an Apple TV. Well, Real Racing HD is one that I think has some split screen multiplayer functionality.

    8/22/12 @ 12:19 pm

    Does it also work on iPhone 2?

      8/22/12 @ 12:31 pm

      iPhone 2? Do you mean the 2nd generation phone, AKA the “iPhone 3G?” No, you’ll need the iPhone 4S to do this.

        8/22/12 @ 6:02 pm


    12/9/12 @ 10:13 am


    Thanks for providing solution. but I found slow down while playing games from IPAD 2 mirroring through Apple 1 on TV.
    Can u please comment?

      12/9/12 @ 10:50 am

      Slow down? Well, that makes sense if you think about it. Could be taxing the iPad 2’s processor too much. Could be your network slowing it down. Lots of thing. The iPad and your network connection are not infinitely powerful.

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