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How Do I Put My Own Document Into the Wallet App?

Is there a way to add a document to my WALLET app on my iPhone?

I would like to put my Covid Vaccination card photo in my Wallet

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    4 months ago

    You can’t just put anything you want in there. An app has to be programmed to work with Apple’s Wallet system. So an app, like a ticket purchasing app or ID card app would need to be developed to work with the Wallet app.

    You can, of course, store a scan of your vaccination card on your iPhone in various ways. I even did a video on one method that uses a Shortcut to bring it up even faster than if it was in the Wallet app.

    Ute Shutes
    2 weeks ago

    To put vax certificate into wallet.Please.

    2 weeks ago

    Ute: There is a way to add your vaccination information into your Wallet now, and verifiable cards will be coming in iOS 15.1.

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