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How Do I Recover a Password Protected Spreadsheet In Numbers?

I had a touch password protected spreadsheet in Numbers and I forwarded it to another computer that does not have touch password. It asked for the password which I forgot. I looked in Keychain and deleted it in error… now I cannot open the spreadsheet with touch and it asks for the password.

Is there any way I can open this spreadsheet and then set up a password that I will make sure to remember? All assistance is appreciated.

System is Catalina with latest Numbers version.
Frank Sanita

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Recover a Password Protected Spreadsheet In Numbers?”

    2 years ago

    So you deleted the password completely in the Keychain? Then there is no way to get the file back. It is not just password-protected, but encrypted as it should be.

    Do you have a Time Machine backup? Perhaps then you can revert to a copy of the spreadsheet from before it was protected.

    Frank Sanita
    2 years ago

    Thank you for the response. This made me realize I had the file on my iMac and I was able to air drop back to my MB Air and was able to retrieve the unlocked file and recover it in full.

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