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How Do I Reduce the Size Of a Received-email (iOS), Print It Using Less Ink?

I gifted my Mom an iPad (wifi radio only).
She is printing out coupon offers she receives via email and using a LOT of ink in the process.
I want a sequence of steps I can use to show her how to resize that email and print the coupon at a smaller size.
It would also be nice to print only the applicable part of those coupons without including all the peripheral and extraneous yada, yada, yada that also guzzles up ink.
Again…this is for emails she receives on her iOS device. She has no OS X Mac computer.
Rod T. Reed

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    3 years ago

    I can’t think of any easy way to do this. On a Mac, you could just print and “Open in Preview” from the Print option. Then you can use annotations in Preview to put white boxes over the areas you don’t want to print. Then print the pages you want with the white boxes covering the things you don’t want on the page.

    But even that requires a decent level of skill. I suppose you can do the same thing on the iPad. You go to print, but instead of printing you pinch out on the preview to bring up the markup tools. Then you create white boxes to cover areas. But it requires a lot of steps and improvisation to do this.

    Maybe consider getting her a better printer? I hate inkjets and won’t touch them anymore because of various problems around the whole idea of ink. You can get black and white laser printers now for $100 and they work much better and toner lasts much longer than ink.

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