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How Do I Reference Cell With Formatting In Numbers?

I have a cell A1 in which contains amount of text with formatting(bold/colored words, etc.). Now I’d like to reference this text in cell B2 in exactly same way how it is in that A1 cell. The problem is it only refers with no formatting in B2 so it’s just plain text. Is there any way how to REFERENCE WITH FORMATTING? I’m getting desperate now.

Thank you very much

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    2 years ago

    Referencing a cell value does not include formatting. It is just about the value in the cell. If you want to have the same formatting in another cell, then set the formatting of that cell.

    You can use Format, Copy Style and Format, Paste Style to do this pretty quickly.

    Braden Minaker
    2 years ago

    I’m not sure if I have just been experiencing a glitch, but I found that telling a cell to = another cell from a different page will make it copy the formatting as well as the text. I actually found this frustrating because I didn’t want it to copy the formatting but couldn’t seem to fix it as it would reset itself to the original formatting.

    2 years ago

    Braden: I’m definitely not seeing that. The value comes over, but not the formatting. Try it and see.

    2 years ago

    First, thanks Gary for reply.
    Braden: it doesn’t work for me either. The value comes without formatting. Seems like Numbers doesn’t apply formatting when using functions everytime. F.e. I also struggle when making categories which ruins my formatting but not of text(bold etc.) but of cell border color…

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