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How Do I Replace a Copier With Scanner and Printer?

I’d like to replace a stand alone copy machine using a canoscan 9000f and a HP1320N connected to my 27″ late 2012 iMac running 10.11.6.
Requirements are ease of use for my spouse , decent speed (doesn’t have to be blazingly fast – minute or less) and ability to scale the copy size up or down. My wife uses the copier to copy and enlarge patterns for crafts. I’ve tried demo copy of vuescan (can’t get scale function to work and too complicated), Canon’s supplied software – too complicated. Ideally, you would open the app, use a slider to select reduction/enlargement then press a button and voila it would scan and print.
Anything out there that comes close? Don’t want to consider a MFP inkjet – consumables cost and maintenance.
PS – Liked your numbers and pages courses
Mike Ross

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    8 years ago

    How about just using Preview? Just scan into Preview, or open in Preview after the scan. Then print and adjust the scale in the print dialog. That will zoom in on the middle.
    Or, you could just select the section you want, crop it with the Tools, then print and I think it tries to print to the maximum size for the page right away.

    Ross Michael
    8 years ago

    Thanks - got that to work on my Macbook Pro. I originally tried doing that on my iMac. Could not get Preview to show the scanner. Downloaded the ica driver still didn't recognize. Shows up in system information under USB. Also it shows up using the supplied canon software and vuescan software. Gave up and tried on Macbook - worked like a charm.

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