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How Do I Return the Screen To Normal Size?

Periodically while scrolling down an article the screen enlarges so I can only see part of it at a time.
what have I done to cause this and how do I return to normal size?

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    2 years ago

    Hard to tell what is happening based on that description. Perhaps you are using System Preferences, Accessibility, Zoom? You could turn it off if you don’t need it. Or use the controls to get back to 100%. So look in System Preferences, Accessibility, Zoom and see if you have those keyboard shortcuts enabled. If so, then use the Zoom out shortcut to go back toward 100%, or Toggle zoom to turn it off. Or, if you have scroll gestures enabled, then you can use that to zoom back to 100%.

    Clay Sisk
    2 years ago

    For Macs, see Smart Zoom in Mouse or Keyboard preferences. First tap zooms, second tap un-zooms.

    Ian MacGregor
    2 years ago

    The Command+Zero key combination will usually return the web browser to actual size.

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