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How Do I Save As a Transparent Picture In Keynote?

I’ve created a logo in Keynote. I want to save the logo without the background, as we do in PowerPoint by selecting an element to be saved (save as picture). How can I do it with Keynote?

When I design logos in PowerPoint, I always select the design and choose the option (save as picture) to save them. And I can do that, to have transparent backgrounds.
I designed a logo in Keynote and have tried copying and moving it to PowerPoint to finish saving it that way, but the design didn’t keep all its features and was ruined. So I’m wondering: how I can do it in Keynote?
Nusaiba Al Kharusi| Lexi

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    2 years ago

    So you have a single slide? Select the background of that slide (click where there is no other element) and then choose the Format sidebar on the right. Then set the Background to No Fill.

    Then go to File, Export To, Images. Select PNG as the format. Then make sure Export With Transparent Backgrounds is checked.

    Nusaiba Al Kharusi| Lexi
    2 years ago

    It worked ;)
    Thank you so much!

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