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How Do I Set Up My Calendar To Distinguish Between My Wife and I?

My wife and I use the same calendar. We make entries individually. I make them on my iMac or iPhone and my wife makes her’s on her iPad Pro or iPhone. In order to distinguish who’s entry it is, I have selected the color orange and my wife has selected the color blue for the entry.

How can we set up our iMac & iPad Pro so that on my iMac my entries will go in as orange and on my wife’s iPad Pro, her entries go in as blue?

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    2 years ago

    Do you mean you use the same iCloud account? You should correct that. iCloud accounts (Apple IDs) are meant to be for individuals and not shared.

    You should each have your own Apple ID/iCloud Account. You use yours on your iMac and iPhone and she uses hers on her iPad and her iPhone.

    That’s the way to do it. It will also allow you to have separate preferences and settings for all sorts of things. For instance, you can have your own documents in iCloud Drive, separate from hers. You can have your own apps (and share them using Family Sharing). You can also have your own separate calendars, Reminders, Notes and everything else.

    Once you have that done, then you can use Family Sharing to set up a shared calendar. So you can have your calendar, she can have her calendar, and then you can have a shared one for events that involve both of you.

    As for the iMac, you should each have your own Mac user account set up there so that you can access your own iCloud/Apple ID.

    Now, once you have all of that straightened out, then you can always create multiple shared calendars. So you can create one for you, she can create one for her, and then you can have one for both. But all three are shared. So you can see what events you each have, but keep them organized that way if you want to.

    On your Mac, you can create new calendars with File, New Calendar. Then Control+click that calendar in the left sidebar and select Share Calendar. Then share it with her (using her Apple ID).

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