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How Do I Stop Junk Emails Without Changing My Email Address?

Last year I changed my email address to eliminate junk email, was a mess. Now they’ve found me again, 20 a day. Is there anyway to permanently stop them?
Arlene Von Nieda

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    4 years ago

    Changing your email address won’t do much. What you need to do is to use an email service that looks for spam on the server instead of letting it get sent through to you. They blacklist bad email servers and block mass mailings sent to many people who mark them as spam before you ever get yours.
    Two services that do a good job are Gmail and iCloud. There are others. If you are still using your ISP’s “free” email service, then that is probably the worst. These free ISP email services don’t check for spam or don’t do a good job of it. Switch away from them and it should make things a lot better.
    Yes, this means changing your email address again, but there’s really no other way. You can’t force your ISP to add anti-spam measures and in most cases they don’t really care as they don’t have any interest in trying to make their email service better.

    4 years ago

    No need to change your email address to use another address, just forward them. Won’t that work?

    4 years ago

    Cantab: How would forwarding help Arlene in this situation?

    4 years ago

    I send them to junk, then I scan them briefly, then SELECT ALL then delete all🌝

    4 years ago

    You can also use “Mail”, “preferences”, “rules” to eliminate persistent specific pests. I have about 60 odd addresses that no longer bother me.

    David Dammer
    4 years ago

    One trick about deleting spam from your Mac email app. You can go into your “Junk” folder and hit “command” “A”, no quotation marks, which selects “All”, then go to your “Trash” box and do the same operation all over again, because you’ll see that all your spam that you just deleted it is in the trash box, and then just hit command – left facing delete, and that will delete all your trash from that folder. Then just close and restart your mail app, and all of them are gone

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