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How Do I Stop My Phone From Pocket Dialing, Etc.?

Except for break time, my iPhone stays in my pocket during my work shift. When I take it out at break time, I discover it has called my wife several times, or the flashlight is on, or I can’t unlock the phone (“try again in X minutes”), or something else that shouldn’t be.

Under the “Allow Access When Locked” section of Face ID settings, I’ve turned everything off. Yet it’s still doing all of the above almost daily. I’m pretty confident I’m not sticking my face into my pocket to unlock the phone, lol, so how is this happening, and how do I stop it from happening?

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    2 years ago

    Here are some things to try.

    The first you are already doing: Turning off all of the “Allow Access When Locked” functions.

    Turn off Tap to Wake in Settings, General Accessibility.

    Turn off Raise to Wake in Settings, Display & Brightness.

    Make sure you lock your iPhone before you put it in your pocket. These things may be happening before it locks. Get used to pressing the side button before you put it away.

    Also, maybe adjust Settings, Display & Brightness, Auto-Lock. The longer the time is set here, the more time your unlocked phone has in your pocket to mistakenly believe it is getting taps.

    Try putting the iPhone away face-out, so the screen isn’t against your body.

    Maybe consider getting a case with a screen flap if none of that is possible or works out.

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