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How Do I Synchronize Calendar and Photos To All My Apple Devices?

I want to synchronize my IPhone 5s, my 3 yr old iPad mini and my 2 year old Apple regular not pro lap top to my calendar, and iPhoto. I can get two to work but not all three. How do I do this? They are all on Sierra and upgraded to the latest 10.0. I am really after the steps to accomplish this for each device if possible.
Pam Gray

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    7 years ago

    All you need to do to sync all of them is to make sure that they are using the same iCloud account, and that all of those options are turned on for all devices in their iCloud settings. Just check all of that and you should be set.
    If that is still not working, then you need to be more specific about which of the three is not working and which things on it are not syncing. Also, you mean Photos, not iPhoto, right?
    If you still can't get it to work after you are sure you have all three set right, then maybe have an expert take a firsthand look at the one not working. The Genius Bar if you are near an Apple Store.

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