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How Do I Synchronize Pages/Numbers/Keynote Templates Across OS X Devices?

Any idea on how to automatically/semi-automatically synchronize Templates in Pages/Number/Keynote so they appear in the Template Chooser of each app on different OS X devices ? Currently I’m copying and pasting across devices.
Thanks, Bob…
Robert (Bob) Earp

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    7 years ago

    Instead of adding the templates to the Template Chooser, save them as template files. You can so this when you choose File, Save As Template and then choose Save instead of Add to Template Chooser.

    Then you can save them anywhere you want, including to a cloud service like iCloud Drive or Dropbox. This way you can access them on all of your Macs. I would create folders called Pages Templates, etc, or some such and put them in there.

    Bob Earp
    7 years ago

    Wowzy, what a speedy response Gary, and great advice to boot !!
    I travel quite a lot and often don't have an on-line connection such as inside an aircraft, so the Template Chooser is convenient. However, you've given me a great idea, as my DropBox automatically gets synced across devices to local copies, I'll create a set of template folders there.
    You do an incredible job, many, many thanks !!

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