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How Do I Turn On Privacy In Safari In iOS7?

Where do you turn it on? iOS6 it was in settings under safari. Where is it now?
Eoghan Champkin in Japan

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    10 years ago

    It is easier to turn it on in iOS 7. You don't need to leave Safari and go into the Settings app.
    Here's how to do it on the iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 7.
    If you see the address field at the top, and the buttons at the bottom, then tap on the button at the lower right. It looks like two boxes, one behind the other.
    If you don't see the buttons, then scroll to the top of the web page so they will appear.
    Now you will see a view of all of the open web pages, and three buttons at the bottom: a + button to open a new page/tab, a Done button to return to the page, and a Private button to turn on Private mode.
    If you choose Private, then you can choose to close all browser pages or keep them open.
    To exit Private mode, just repeat the steps. You'll notice the Private button has a background to it now, to signify that it is on.
    It is a little different with the iPad, since tabs look like regular desktop computer tabs. There may be other ways to get to the Private button, but the one I found was to tap in the address field at the top. The keyboard will pop up and on top of the Keyboard will be a Private button.
    I've also noticed that if you tap the address field, then dismiss the keyboard, the Private button remains at the bottom of the screen. So you can turn on Private mode without needing to go to a new page.

      Eoghan Champkin
      10 years ago

      Thanks. I didn't see it there but it's a much better place for it.
      Thanks again !

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