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How Do I Uncheck Multiple Items At Once In a Reminders Checklist?

OS Catalina in Reminders you can select a particular list > Command A > right click > select Check All. But, is there a way to uncheck multiple items as a reverse to the above? I am looking to avoid the need to click on each and every item to uncheck it.
Eric W.

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    4 years ago

    I don't see any way to uncheck an item except to click the circle next to it. So without a menu command or context menu command, there's no way to uncheck multiple items. You have to click on each one.

    If you have just selected several items and accidentally selected Mark As Completed, you can always use Edit, Undo to undo that action.

    Maybe I could help more if I knew the reason why you needed to do this. I would think it is rare that someone accidentally selected more than a few items and selected Mark As Completed. Maybe you are looking to reset an entire list, like a packing list, which you marked each as completed the last time you packed? If so, then Reminders is the wrong app. Instead, use Notes. Notes allows you to create a list in a note and check each one off. Then you can select them all and uncheck them.

    Eric W.
    4 years ago

    Thank you Gary. Actually, you make a good point. I have (had) a grocery list and another recurring list that I wanted to use on Apple Watch (5). After selecting the items as “done”, I wanted the list reset. Unfortunately, the “select/mark all” is only one-way in Reminders. To your point, Notes checklist would be the preferred option in this instance, but not able to be used on Apple Watch.

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