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How Do I Upgarde and Older Version Of Photos


I have an older version of photos on Imac . I am running El Capitan version 10.11.6, and Photos version 1.5
I just completed a photobook, and when I clicked buy book, I got a message that I cant order because my version of Photos is too old.
How do I upgrade photos? I tried to google it, but I didnt help.
Do I need to upgrade the entire OS?
Any advise would be great. The book is supposed to be a gift, which now I don’t know if I can get it in time.




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    4 years ago

    Photos is part of the operating system. The version of Photos you have depends on the version of macOS you have. So the only way to get a newer version of Photos is to upgrade past El Capitan to a newer version of macOS.

    Since you are using such an old version of macOS and Photos, the built-in service to print a book won't work. Apple discontinued their service years ago. If you have the current version of macOS and Photos then you would need to get an extension for ordering books and such. Apple doesn't do it anymore.

    An alternative that you can do whether you upgrade or not, is to use a regular web service for printing books. You can't use the book you created, you'll need to use the service's web pages to do it, but there are plenty of such sites out there.

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