Forum Question: How Do I Upgrade To Lion From 10.5.8?

I currently have OS 10.5. 8. How easy is it to upgrade to Lion?
Are there any compatibility issues?
Frank Johnson

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    1/3/12 @ 8:56 am

    First, make sure your Mac is compatible with Lion. It should be an Intel Mac. Check this page:
    To go from Leopard (10.5) to Lion (10.7) you have two paths. The first is to upgrade to Snow Leopard (find a disc for $29 online). Then once you have Snow Leopard up to date, you can use the Mac App Store to purchase and install Lion.
    The other method is to purchase Lion on a USB Thumb drive from Apple. This will allow you to skip Snow Leopard.
    As for compatibility, yes, there will probably be some issues. Leopard supported both Intel and PowerPC (old Mac CPU) applications. So it is possible that you have old applications that were built for PowerPC. These will not run in Lion. They only ran in Leopard because Leopard had special code to emulate a PowerPC CPU to make the transition from PowerPC to Intel easier. That was a long time ago and Apple has moved on to Intel-only now.
    So you need to go through your Applications and see what you have. Visit the web sites of the companies that make them and check for compatibility with Lion. In some cases you might have old versions of software (like Photoshop CS2) and will simply need to update those to more recent versions (like Photoshop CS5.5). In other cases you will have to give up obsolete software (like AppleWorks) in favor of more modern software (like iWork 09). But it is best to take a complete inventory of your Applications and know what is going to happen ahead of time.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    1/4/12 @ 1:52 pm

    Yes i had a look at the Lion system. I have got Snow Leopard 10.6.8,and i think i can upgrade to Lion. The other thing is there are some people that don`t like Lion. My opinion is am still getting to grips with Snow Leopard,and then you get a very large amount of people asking about Lion`s problem`s which i have noticed on your site Gary.

      1/4/12 @ 3:47 pm

      A lot of people didn’t like Snow Leopard either. Or Leopard. Or Tiger. Sometimes people don’t like change, or don’t like to have to change how they do things, even if the new way is an improvement.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    1/12/12 @ 2:51 pm

    Yes you are quite right to say if it is an improvement. It probably is,but when you get older like me 63yrs old i could play football all day when i was young. The same applies to any TV system,or a DVD player. When the old Grey matter starts to go thats it. I have observed this amongst the elderly,and i said to myself i will not get like that,but it is a fact that you do. I wished i new what computer`s could do years ago. I thought they all just played game`s,but just the knowledge you can get off the internet today is marvellous.

    9/22/12 @ 3:11 pm

    Yes you can! It is just 1 more step (see #4) from 10.5.8 to Lion OS X

    1.Buy and download from Appstore the lion os x

    2.make a bootable dvd or usb or partition at your internal drive (lots of instruction online how to do it)

    3. reboot with alt key and choose your source with burned .dmg on it

    4. choose: disk utility and erase your internal drive completely

    5. then start installation again and choose this new erased drive as a destination to recovery lion on it.

    it works!

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