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How Do I Use the Grey Area To the Right Of a Pages Layout Screen?

Using Pages layout for a brochure, is it possible to temporarily drag objects onto the grey area to the right and keep them visible while I work on the document so that I can change things around. I have found that I get the outline text box left but the text, photo or clipart disappears. I am using Lion and the latest version of Pages.
Jan Collett

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    13 years ago

    Do you mean the area that is just outside of the page? Like if your page is 8.5 inches wide, and you drag something to the right so it is past 8.5 inches to the right?
    I suppose you could drag things there to get them out of the way temporarily, but as you can see it isn't really meant for that. The object still exists, but you can't see it. Text boxes seem to have an outline, but some other things like pictures are completely invisible, as you noted.
    The content is still there -- just drag it back and you can see it.
    The area isn't really meant for that, I guess.
    How about adding another page and putting items there temporarily?
    Or, starting a second document and putting items there instead?

      13 years ago

      Thanks for prompt reply. I'm new to Mac and previously used Publisher where I could rearrange the material in my document by dragging objects onto the desktop. I thought I saw you do a similar thing in one of your videos where you seemed to drag a photo onto the grey area and it stayed visible. Adding another page works but I have 32 pages so it's a long way to the end of the document. A second document side by side would be ideal but I can't drag without losing the material - I suppose I need to cut and paste?

        13 years ago

        Yes, cut and paste will work. Pages is its own app -- somewhat like a word processor, somewhat like a layout program. But it would be a mistake to try to map it feature-by-feature to another specific program. You might get frustrated that something is not there, but you also might miss some feature that is unique.

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