Forum Question: How do you kill a daemon process in the new multiprocess ipad os

I got hooked on these story games on the ipad until I realized they were more demanding than my partner and tried to kill them.
You can open the multiprocess bar and kill the game by holding the icon for five seconds, then hitting the red minus button on the icon. I discovered a short while later that while the games GUI is gone, the game itself is still running in the background, pushing notifications when it needs your attention. While this is by design, it assumes we like the game and want to keep playing. Instead it becomes a torment, like a crazed exfling that refuses to loose your phone number.  Is there a way to kill the games daemon process by either name or id number?  I downloaded what I thought was a terminal program and realized it was far more complicated than I bargained for. So my question is two fold,  is there a simple terminal program that will allow me to kill the process or an app to do the same thing?
Rand Reeves

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    12/14/10 @ 11:08 am

    If you quit the app using multitask switcher (which is what you described) then the app os no longer running. What you are getting are notifications coming in on the iOS notifications system.
    One way to get rid of them is to simply delete the app from your iPad. It sounds like you don’t want the app anymore, so this may be your best option.
    Sometimes the apps themselves have preferences inside them that allow you to choose whether or not to receive notifications. Look for that and turn them off.
    Otherwise, go to your main iPad Settings app, and scroll down to look for specific settings for that app there.
    And lastly, in the main Settings app, look for Notifications near the top, select it, and then look for that app. You can revoke its permission to issue notifications there.

    Rand Reeves
    12/19/10 @ 6:20 pm

    I think I understand but I am still confused on a few specifics. How does this notification system get information to push if the app is no longer running?
    In the game, tasks (making a pie for example) can take anywhere from a few minutes to days to complete. When the task is complete, the pushed notification alerts you. Waiting too long to respond can result in the task expiring (pie goes bad). If I have killed the app and it is no longer running the simulation, is the notification set as a kind of alarm clock seperate from the game? If thats the case, I would imagine the game must update its simulation upon opening. I really like the game and would rather not delete it entirely, but the milking of the player for money and the endless nagging is starting to feel far to much like a wife so I may change my mind yet.

      12/19/10 @ 6:30 pm

      The app will register with the system. The system gets the notifications and displays them to you. The app isn’t running. It is just the system telling you that a message has come in that is related to an app that you have installed.
      Yes, it is kind of an alarm separate from the game — except it isn’t set for a specific time. The server will send a message to your iPhone instead. When the game starts, it communicates with the server and gets the most recent data.
      Just turn off the game’s notifications and you won’t get those messages.

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