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How To Achieve a Custom Screen Magnification In Numbers?

Periodically in Numbers, I will find my screen with the magnification set at a custom percentage, ex: 137%. This is not something I have done. How is that accomplished?

I want to accomplish what I described in the previous screen.

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    1 year ago

    Do you mean how did you get that odd number when the button in the toolbar only has Zoom amounts like 25%, 50%, 75%, etc.?

    There are several zoom techniques you could use. One is to simply use the Trackpad with two fingers to zoom in and out. Pinch in or out with your fingers like you zoom in any graphics app. It is possible to turn these gestures off in System Settings, so check in System Settings, Trackpad if it isn't working for you, or you want to see a demo of how that gesture looks.

    If you have an Apple Mouse there may be a gesture you can use as well. Check in System Settings, Mouse.

    You can also hold the Option and Command keys and use two fingers and scroll with a Trackpad (two fingers up and down) or mouse. This gives you finer control over the zoom amount.

    Finally, you can use the menu command View, Zoom, Zoom to Selection to set the zoom to match the cells you have selected. This will result in a specific zoom amount as well.

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