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How To Add Button On iPhone To Take a Screenshot?

I can’t find the video that showed how to configure settings so there is a button on your phone screen to take a screenshot
D. Sands

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    2 years ago

    The usual way to take a screenshot photo is to press both the Volume Up button and the Side Button at the same time. That's all you need to do.

    However, there is one way to be able to take a screenshot by touching the screen. In Settings, go to Accessibility. Then Touch, AssistiveTouch. Turn it on. Then go to Customize Top Level Menu. Add a button and set it to Screenshot. Then set either the Single-Tap, Double-Tap or Long Press to "Open Menu."

    Now you should have a circle on the screen and can use it to go to that menu of buttons, one of which is the screenshot. Of course you have to now deal with that button being there all the time.

    I'm not sure what your goal is here, to screenshot with a series of taps on the screen instead of the side buttons. So I'm not sure this will help you. Let me know why you need to do this -- often knowing why will help someone like me come up with the best solution.

    D. Sands
    2 years ago

    RE: why I asked for this tip (add button to iOS device to take screenshot)? I use the screenshot button to capture my iPad screen while walking on my treadmill and watching continuing education videos. If I want to capture a slide showing on the screen, I can continue walking safely and simply press the button. As always. . .thank you for your GREAT content!

    2 years ago

    Interesting use case!

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