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How To Adjust the Duration Of Fade-from-Black In iMovie?

About fading in a single clip from black – the Settings allows for that but it is a very quick fade in. How can I extend the duration of the fade-in-from-black to maybe one or even two seconds, gently, not abruptly?
I tried dragging a black background to the top of the file and using crossfade (and one other transition), but they all get denied “not enough media” even when I make that blob of black six seconds long. THANKS!

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    2 years ago

    You double-click on the transition and the properties appear. You get a duration field you can set to any time.

    But do note that you have to have enough overlap for both clips. If you are using it on the first clip of the video, you need to have enough from the first clip to account for the transition. So if you want a 2-second transition, it will take off at least 2 seconds from the beginning of the clip, probably a bit more.

    You can do the same with another transition, like Cross Dissolve, but you need to have enough for both clips to exist during the transition. So if you add a black background before the first clip (not "to the top") and then transition from that black background to the first clip, you need to have more than those 2 seconds for both the black background and the clip it fades into. Both clips. Think about it, both clips are showing in some amount during the Cross Dissolve.

    Note that if you are working at the start of the video, then Cross Dissolve is what you want, not Fade to Black. The latter will fade out to black and then back in. But you have nothing to fade out from at the start of your video.

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