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How To Create Ranking List In Numbers

I have been working for 12 hours trying to rank a column of numbers and listing that SPECIFIC ranking in a different column.
Say I have column “E” with different rows listed as 2,6,8,10. In column “F” I want to assign/show the numerical ranking number of that number. In this instance/example 2 would be ranked 1, 6 would be ranked 2, 8 would be ranked 3, 10 would be ranked 4.
I have tried the “rank” function, but I just can not get it to work properly. I am literally at my wits end….
Can someone help me! Please!
Thank you for your help!
Bradley Pierce

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    6 years ago

    So, let’s first assume that you have shrunk your table to only include used cells. So it is 4 rows tall, not counting any headers and footers. Maybe you have one header row. So cells E2 to E5 contain 2,6,8,10 and there is no E6 — the table is only 5 rows tall.
    In F2, you can use the formula =RANK(E2,E)
    Copy and paste than into F3 to F5. So F3 is =RANK(E3,E) and F4 is =RANK(E4,E) and F5 is =RANK(E5,E)
    This will give you a column with the results: 4,3,2,1 because 10 is the highest value. The RANK function ranks them highest to lowest.
    If you look in the help docs for RANK, you see that you can add an optional third parameter to reverse the order. So F3 is =RANK(E3,E,TRUE) and the other formulas also add the TRUE parameter.
    Then this gives you 1,2,3,4, your desired result.

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