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How To Delete a Text Box In Pages?

Older Mac Pro…about 7 years. Not upgraded to latest operating system…currently on the one before Yosemite. This is my cousin’s computer.
Regular blank document in Pages, where she has been typing stories, suddenly started adding text boxes. She doesn’t know what she did to have these start appearing.
Can they be removed? She had tried shrinking the box to its smallest size, but it still interfered with the document.
Text boxes are easy to add; no information on how to delete them.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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    3 years ago

    So you are probably using the old pre-2013 version of Pages. But deleting text boxes works in the same way. You simply select the text box and press the Delete key on the keyboard. Make sure you are selecting the text box and not the text inside the text box. You should see the corner and edge “dots” around it if the text box is selected, though it has been so long since I used that old version of Pages I’m not quite sure what it looks like.

    3 years ago

    Thank you for the prompt reply. Sometimes we cannot see the obvious and simple solution.

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