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How To Download Large Files From Safari While Setting MacBook Aside?

I want to download a 50 gb file. The download fails when MacBook goes to sleep. How can I set my MacBook in night so it can download 500 gb files from safari till morning. Sorry for the silly question. I googeled a lot but nothing worked. Thanks in advance.

Downloading large files while I am not working on Mac, is my requirement. How can I do that?

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    2 years ago

    Simply turn off sleep in System Preferences, Power when you need to download a large file. Set it to Never (Turn Display Off After: Never). Then, remember to change it back to some value in the morning.

    Alternatively, open a Terminal window and type caffeinate and Return. This will seem to lock top the Terminal window. It is running a simple app named caffeinate that will keep your Mac from sleeping. Then in the morning, go to the Terminal and use Control+C to exit caffeinate and quit Terminal.

    Note you want to keep your MacBook open while this happening too as it will sleep anyway if you close it and it will help remind you that you have this setting (or caffeinate) turned on.

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