Forum Question: How to make my photo gallery “private” on

How to make your photo gallery “private” on
If I make a photo gallery and make it viewable for me or everyone, I´m not having problems. As soon as I´m writing viewable for certain names with a password I´m not able to continue the process.
This is what I did:
1. I have chosen pictures and given them a name
2. viewable for everyone or only me
publish – get a signal pending while the program
is working (so far everything is fine)
3. instead of making i viewable for everyone, I tried to
make it more private by using the option “names and
password”. I don´t manage to continue the process.
Can anyone give me some advice? I don´t want everybody to see all of m pictures on my gallery


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    11/21/10 @ 9:15 am

    You left out what happens after #3. Did you get an error message? Something else? What, exactly, happened and at what point?
    When I try it, I get a list that I can add IDs and passwords too. So I create one called “family” and a simple password. Then I set that album to only be viewable by people with that ID/password. And it works.

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