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How To Put a List Of Text Alphabetical Order?

Do you know a easy way to put a list of text in alphabetical order? It could be an Applescript or any command. Thanks
Ed Gilliam

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    4 years ago

    Like with a lot of tasks, it just takes the right app. I use BBEdit for this. But if you don’t own that you can get its little brother, TextWrangler, for free in the App Store.
    Then open up your text or paste it into a new document. Then go to Text, Sort Lines in the menu.
    Another option is to bring the text into Numbers, with one item in each row. Then use the sorting function in there. Then copy and paste the rows back into your text document.

    4 years ago

    Open Office is free. Put your list on a spread sheet, highlight all items and select “Sort A – Z” to alphabetize.

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