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How To Remove E-mail From iPad2?

How can I remove my gmail from my iPad2? I was able to upload/sync the mail account, but due to the poor capabilities of the iPad mail features, like being unable to attach a photo to an email I want it removed. The actual gmailAPP works as if I am on my MBP.
Please Help!

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    12 years ago

    So it sounds like you just want to remove your Gmail account from the Mail app, correct?
    Go into Settings. Then Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Then under Accounts you will see your Gmail account. Tap it and then tap the Delete Account button. This will remove the Gmail account from the ones being used by the Mail app.
    As for your original problem -- you can easily attach a photo to an email in the Mail app. One way is to start in the Photos app. Select the photo and then tap the Share button, and then Email Photo. That creates a new message with the Photo attached.
    But you can also be in the middle of composing a message, switch to the Mail app, then use that same Share button, but Copy Photo. Then you can go back to your message and Paste it in to the message.

      12 years ago

      Now I feel sooooh such a dummie. That was to easy and great instructions. MacMost Guys.....I heart you!

    11 years ago

    how do i get out of my email when i have it open on ipad2

      11 years ago

      Get out? Not sure what you mean. Do you just want to go to the home screen? Press the home button.

    11 years ago

    I want to remove gmail from my iPad2 because of the interface problems between the mail app on the iPad and gmail. Have tried many suggested fixes and nothing seems to work. So I do know how to remove gmail, but my question is if I replace gmail with Mac mail will the mail app work just as it did with gmail, particularly access to my contacts list? Thanks

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