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How To Resize Numbers Columns In iOS?

I’m stuck changing width of columns or height of rows one column or row at a time on my iPad. I see how to do it on my Mac but not in iOS. Any suggestions? As fat S my fingers are, doing it one row or column at a time is extraordinarily annoying.

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    3 years ago

    You can do it on iOS too. The trick is to select multiple columns. The way you do that is to first select one column by tapping on its heading, like “B” at the top. When the whole column is selected, the heading is selected and there is a thick blue box around the column. Look at that box and you’ll see blue dots about midway up the sides. Tap and drag one of those blue dots to expand the selection to multiple columns. Then, when you have several columns selected, you can tap and drag the handle at the very upper right corner of the blue box to change all of the widths of all of the selected columns at the same time.

    The same idea for rows.

    Note that if you simply want to change the widths of all of the columns or heights of all rows, then tap the little circle button that appears at the top left corner of the table. This places blue dots around the table and you can now shrink it or expand it as needed.

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