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Is It Possible To Create a New Photos Library On My Mac?

.. and transfer all my photos and the albums from my iCloud Photos page in Safari to the new Photos Library? I am using MacOS Catalina (Beta 3). The Photos app on my Mac are way different than the iCloud photos page in Safari. There are many photos missing and none of the Albums that I have on my Safari Photos page.
Thank you.
Doug Brandt

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    4 years ago

    That's actually pretty easy to do. The basic idea is to launch Photos with the Option key held down. This gives you the option to make a new empty library. Then make that new library your "System Library" in Photos, Preferences, General.

    Then all of your iCloud Photos will start downloading into the new library as it syncs. This could take a while if you have a lot of photos and a slow connection.

    But I don't know about doing that with a beta of Catalina. That means you are using a beta of Photos. What is the actual problem? Are you sure things are really missing? Catalina Photos uses a Days/Months/Years system and the old Photos system you'd see on is using the Moments/Collections/Years system. I'll bet the same photos are there, but you are looking at them in a different way. Use All Photos or your albums to view them to really compare.

    Even if you still see a difference, I would simply wait until the final Catalina to start doing things. Could be something like the Photos beta not showing supporting all images types yet or something of that nature.

    Doug Brandt
    4 years ago

    Thank you Gary. In Photos, Preferences, General, Importing: Please explain "Copy Items to the Photos Library".

    4 years ago

    Doug: Copy Items to the Photos Library is the normal way Photos works. When you drag and drop a photo into Photos or import from a file, the photo will be copied into the library. If you turn it off, it means instead of importing photos, the files remain where they are, and the photo library just links to those files. See

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