Forum Question: Is it possible to reverse and redo iCloud migration?

I just upgraded my main computer (iMac) to Lion OS 10.7.2, iPhone and iPad to iOS 5. However, instead of migrating my MobileMe account (I did not realize the possible mistake when I did), I used my iTunes id (the one used for Store purchases) to set up an iCloud account. Things seem to be working, but not the way I think they should.

In fact, I wish I were able to reverse the current set up, in order to migrate my Mobile account to iCloud (using my @me address for that), and keeping my iTunes id for Store purchases (just as before).

I do not know if the current situation can be reverted. If not, could I at least cancel my current iCloud account and then opening a new one, using my @me address? Moreover, after doing that, would it be possible to sync my iMac (where the apps, music, photos and other files are back up), transferring the important data to iCloud –> in other words, once it is possible, the idea is to set iCloud for sync and back up (using @me id) while preserving the iTunes Store id for purchasing (which could be transferred for the other devices — iPhone and iPad).

Hope you are able to understand the situation described above. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions that could be provided.

Luis de Moraes

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    10/13/11 @ 8:42 am

    You can only have a single iCloud account on a device. The idea is you want to have one account that is yours and you use for everything.
    So you are going to have to combine those two accounts.
    The only way to do that is to contact Apple. Not sure what they are doing with those requests now that iCloud is out. I would head to the Genius Bar or call Apple.

      Luis de Moraes
      10/13/11 @ 9:45 am

      OK. Thanks for your prompt reply. Question is, since my current account (iCloud) information is back up in my own computer (iMac). Is it possible to cancel it and the open a new one (from scratch) using my @me userid? And, after doing so (assuming it is possible), could I then sync the files stored in my iMac with iCloud (thus transferring them there again)? If that is possible, I would be using the @me userid for iCloud and keep the iTunes userid for purchases in the Store. In summary, would it work properly?

        10/13/11 @ 9:52 am

        You could simply go to System Preferences, iCloud and then “Sign Out.” Then try it. Not sure what would happen with syncing though. Your current data may already be a part of that first iCloud account and would disappear when you sign out.
        Even if you did this, I don’t think having a separate account for iTunes would work very well. Why not combine them?

          Luis de Moraes
          10/13/11 @ 10:29 am

          Thanks for you reply and also for the suggestion.

          Once my current data in the iCloud is back up at my iMac, Should I not be able to restore it to a new iCloud account (the one I wish to have my @me userid)?

          The reason why I am not wishing to combine the separate accounts (one for iCloud and the other one for iTunes) is because I would like to keep the @me mail account. That was my mistake when I chose to use the same id for both iCloud and iTunes — and that is why I am trying to find out if taking the suggested steps would provide a solution towards what I wish (a “patch” that could possibly work; but I would not like to risk loosing the data stored in my iMac computer).

          Anyway, I am going to think and wait a bit before going ahead. I let you know the outcome if I do. Again, thanks for your kind reply.

            10/13/11 @ 10:32 am

            I just don’t know. That is a hard thing to test.

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