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Is It Possible To Use a Keyboard Shortcut For Stage Manager?

HI have just installed Ventura on my M1 Apple devices. My question is in relation to M1 Mac Mini.

I have just watched your video entitled ‘An In-Depth Look at macOS Ventura Stage Manager”. At the end of this video you express the hope that Apple provide a keyboard shortcut to open up Stage Manager.

Was your wish granted by Apple and if so, what is the shortcut?

Excellent video by the way!

I am generally trying use keyboard shortcuts to speed up everything I do on my main Apple devices which are M1 MacBook Pro and M1 Mac Mini.

I am shying away from creating my own shortcuts as I find it tends to complicate things more – that is with the exception of Hot Corners which I use every day.
Phil Hopkins

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    2 years ago

    You can. Apple added a setting in System Settings, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts (button), under Mission Control. You can set the keyboard shortcut for turning on and off Stage Manager there.

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