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Is There a Way To Stitch Photos Together In Mac OS X?

Is there a way to take multiple photos and stitch them together into one large image in Mac OS X?

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    12 years ago

    This is something that would be done with a particular piece of software, not the OS itself.
    Photoshop, of course, can do this easily. Cheaper graphics editors can do it too: Seashore, SketchBook, GIMP, etc. You can even do it with Preview, which you already have on your Mac.
    Episode 520 ( isn't about this, in particular, but it does give you an idea of how to work with images in Preview.
    The basics, no matter which program you use, is to create a canvas that is larger than a single image. Maybe large enough for a 2x2 grid of images or whatever. Then copy and paste the images into this larger canvas.
    Perhaps you know someone who works with Photoshop or other graphics programs and can show you.
    A trick you can use, depending on your needs, would be to print a set of photos from iPhoto, say 4 on a page. But print to a PDF instead of to your printer. Then you have a PDF with several images. That might be all you need.

      12 years ago

      How does one create a canvas in Preview? I pasted one photo into another, but when I tried to place it alongside the first, instead of pushing the window boundary, it went out of sight.

        12 years ago

        One way would be to open any image. Then go to Tools, Adjust Size. Make it exactly the size you want. Then select and delete the image to create a blank document. Save it as something different at that point. Then start using the canvas as you like.

          12 years ago

          Hey Gary, came across this site, and interested on more information on stitching in Preview. I am trying to adjust size to create the blank canvas, but it locks the aspect ratio the second I adjust the size, not allowing me to leave a constant height. Would you happen to know more on this procedure?

            12 years ago

            See the little padlock icon that links the width and height together? Click that to unlink them so you can adjust the width and height separately.

              12 years ago

              thank you for the response. figured it out, awesome. now my problem is that i can't adjust color settings on selected segments of photos, to properly match the variations of color schemes and avoid the disparaging color differences between each image. is that too advanced for preview?

                12 years ago

                Yea, it sounds like you want something more like Photoshop.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12 years ago

    I knew nothing about Preview only that you could look at PDF`s Gary told me about it and i downloaded his video on Preview,and it`s amazing what it can do. I saw a painting done by Preview, and to be quite honest there wasn`t any difference if you done it in Photoshop. The key to me was in Gary`s video the tools, and i would say i am not an expert on it,but i have come a log way to using it. Thanks to Gary`s help.

    11 years ago

    Open Preview, Open the two images in Preview, FILE>PRINT (or Comm+P)
    Below Orientation (if orientation does not come up, it may be hidden, press show details) there is a selection "Preview". Change that to Layout.
    Now change layout to 2 pages per sheet.
    Down left is PDF, save as PDF. Done.

    11 years ago

    Make a copy of one of the images
    In Preview, Tools - Adjust Size
    Untick "Scale Proportionally"
    Change width or height to X00%
    Depending on whether you want to stitch horizontally or vertically
    Where x = # of images you have

    In finder, select all images you want to stitch, ⌘O
    For each one:

    Click on the graphic itself
    ⌘A ⌘C
    Switch to stretched window
    Move to desired location

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