Forum Question: MacBook Pro Doesn’t Come With iDVD

I have a new MacBook Pro with i movie, iPhoto, and final cut pro x and i’m kind of puzzled why iDVD doesn’t come in that buddle.
If i purchase iLife 11 the software in that package i have except iDVD. I s there just a software package i can buy with just iDVD 11 and not waste my money buying iLife 11 for something i already have except iDVD 11.
Peter Lelievre

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    12/7/11 @ 3:41 pm

    We can only speculate.
    It appears that this is a transition period for iLife. Previously it was part of a package that came with all new Macs and could also be bought or updated on a DVD in the store.
    Now, “iLife” really isn’t a package anymore. iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand all stand alone as their own apps and can be purchased individually in the Mac App Store. When you buy a new Mac, you automatically get these as “purchased” items in the Mac App Store.
    But iDVD and iWeb are left behind. They were last updated (except for minor fixes) with iLife 09. They were included on the iLife 11 DVD and also with new Macs until the Mac App Store opened.
    But now you don’t get them on new Macs, you can’t buy them in the Mac App Store, and you can’t download them from anywhere else.
    So the only choice is to buy the old iLife 11 DVD to get them. Good thing it is not too expensive.
    We can speculate that both iDVD and iWeb are no longer being developed by Apple. They probably won’t issue any updates in the future. iWeb primarily worked with MobileMe, and it was the type of web page designer more commonly used back in the 90s. iDVD burns DVDs — and Apple is already moving into the future where DVDs are not part of computers and video is delivered digitally via networks.
    Another alternative is to buy a third-party DVD creation tool. There are several in the Mac App Store. Just search for them.

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