Forum Question: Maximum RAM in a MacBook Pro

Apple says my 2007-vintage Macbook Pro 15″ takes a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. That’s what it currently has.

Do you know if the MBP can take more RAM than that which Apple says it can? And if so, does the MBP actually make use of the extra RAM?

— Luigi

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    3/14/10 @ 11:39 am

    No, if the maximum is 4GB, then that’s all you can put in.
    Yes, it definitely does use the RAM. You should notice things running faster and smoother, especially if you are pushing it to its limits. If all you ever do is check email and surf the Web, then you may not see a difference because you are not hitting the limit now. But if you edit video, graphics or have lots of applications running at the same time, then you should see a difference.

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