Forum Question: Media Drive – journaled or not?

Many internet articles state to use journaling on external hard drives used for system cloning or backups but don’t use journaling for external media drives (loss of performance with large video files). Other articles claim loss of performance on media drives used to be a problem but with the speed of today’s drives it is no longer a concern. Should an external drive used exclusively for video capture and editing on today’s imac be formatted with journaling on or off? Thank you.

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    10/6/11 @ 6:58 am

    You can read all about journaling here:
    So it is a matter of safety vs. speed. But I don’t think the speed issue is that big.
    I would pretty much recommend to all users that all drives use journaling. It seems worth it to me of almost all hard drive uses.
    But in your case you may want to think about it. If the drive is truly used only for the temporary storage of video files while you work on editing a video, and you don’t keep anything long-term there, then it is a tough decision to make.

    10/6/11 @ 4:44 pm

    Thank you.

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