Forum Question: Minimizing Everything at Once

In Mac OS X, is there a way to minimize every window at once so that you can get to your desktop without minimizing each window one at a time? Thanks!

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    4/8/11 @ 10:42 pm

    Hold option down when clicking on the yellow dot at the top of a window will minimize all windows for that application.
    But for getting to your desktop again, it is probably better to hide the application instead. You can hide most applications by choosing the application’s self-named menu and using “Hide (application name).” In addition, you can usually choose “Hide Others” from the same menu.
    So switch to the Finder and choose Hide Others (Command+Option+H) and you get only the Finder, for instance.
    But maybe what you really want is to get familiar with Expose instead. Try F11 (fn+F11 depending on your settings) to move all windows of everything to the side to choose a desktop item.

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