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Moving Documents From iPad To MacBook Pro

How do i Use pages on iPad mini and seeing the document on MacBook Pro?
Robert young

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    12 years ago

    There are many ways to do it. The current "best" way is to simply use iCloud.
    So, assuming you have signed up for iCloud, and are using Mountain Lion on your Mac, turn it on for both devices. On you Mac you want to go to System Preferences, iCloud, and make sure Document syncing is turned on.
    On your iPad go to Settings, iCloud and make sure it is turned on there. Of course both devices need to use the same iCloud account.
    Then go into Pages on your iPad mini and when you create a new document, it should create it in your iCloud account. Which means it is on your iPad, and also synced to the iCloud server.
    Then when you open Pages on your Mac and go to open a new document you will get the choice between opening iCloud documents and documents on your local drive. Look at the very top of the Open File dialog for that iCloud option.
    In the list you should see the documents you saved on your iPad.
    Saving documents to iCloud means you will see them on both your iPad and your Mac. Of course you'll need an Internet connection for this syncing to happen. If you are using one device or the other away from a connection then you'll need to re-establish the connection and wait for the documents to sync.
    See for some basics.

    Aydin Seren
    12 years ago

    I am using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac on my MacBook Pro (Lion). What is the best application on iPad (original) to sync via iCloud?

      12 years ago

      Since Office doesn't use iCloud, then there is no solution. For iCloud to work you need a Mac app that uses iCloud to store documents, and then also an iOS app that stores the same type of documents in the same "space" on iCloud. Like Pages for Mac and Pages for iOS.
      If you look outside of iCloud, there are similar solutions, though. For instance, you could save your Office documents to DropBox, then use the DropBox app on iOS to view them (not edit them) on your iPad.

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