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Not all my email comes thru vs. Windows mail

i know this sounds strange and i have talked w/ a tech from apple about this and she blamed the problem on my isp – so… question for the expert…
i have a windows computer next to my mac and sometimes i am not getting all of the mail that my windows receives. how do i fix this? if it were an isp issue, then it would not arrive to a windows mailbox – (and these ‘lost’ emails are not going to trash)
once again – thanks for sharing your wisdom. if not for you i would have ditched my mac a while ago! sad to say it’s not as user friendly as they promote.

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    10 years ago

    I need more details to answer:
    Which “ISP” are you using? Is it something like Gmail or Yahoo? Or something else?
    What type of email is it: POP, IMAP, Exchange, something else?
    Which emails are you not getting? For instance, is it always junk or junk-like email? Email from a certain source? Anything else in common with the missing email?

      10 years ago

      Having the same issue. Using hotmail as my personal email and unless I get an email from someone set up in address book or for whom I have created a rule for all other mail disappears. My window pc receives everything and allows me to sort, but my Mac does not. I believe the hotmail is using POP.

        10 years ago

        Yes. See the other comments here. If you are using POP and the Windows machine pulls the email from the server first, then it is gone from the server when your Mac gets it. On the other hand if your Mac leaves the email there, then your Windows machine will find it. So you probably have Windows set to remove the email, and Mac set to leave the email.

    10 years ago

    Something else not mentioned. Do you have your windows based mail program Outlook or outlook express configured to remove messages from the server? If so, once the windows mail program has downloaded the email, it won’t be there for the mac to get.

    10 years ago

    Hello – and thanks for the response.
    My ISP is a small ‘local’ company w/ POP.
    The emails are never specific – mail from work and sometimes it will not come thru (on OS X) or an invoice will only show up on PC or a response from a company…. these are instances where I am ‘expecting’ mail – how many times was something missed when I wasn’t expecting?!?

    I’ve looked through the settings on windows mail and could not find where it would remove from server – but it does let the same mail go to my mac no matter if the mac reads first or the pc- just on odd occurrences have I noticed this issue and it’s not just with one business or one address – it’s sporadic.

    thanks again.

    10 years ago

    David could be right. If you don’t have “leave on server” set for the Windows machine, then using POP means that it could be removing the emails as it gets them.
    If your Mac is set to leave it, and Windows is set to remove it, then that could explain your issue.
    In general, using POP isn’t good if you are getting email on more than one machine. Do they have an option to switch to IMAP (they should).
    If you set both machines to “leave it” then you end up building up all of your email on the server until it is full. There are ways around that, using even more settings, but it is much better to switch to IMAP.

    10 years ago

    thanks for the information. ran into this problem yesterday – paid for park tickets on line, was sent an email to click a link to print out tickets and… yep, it went to my windows computer only. i checked through ‘all’ email and everything was duplicated on both machines except this one. i had to forward that email from windows to my same email address it was sent to in order for the mac to pick it up. – just spoke w/ my ISP and POP is the only option and once it is loaded it deletes off the server. i have inbox, sent, trash, junk folders in mail, is there some type of spam detector that might be blocking mail completely and not load it? or does spam type hit the junk automatically? thanks again

      10 years ago

      I think your only option would be to limit getting email to one of the machines. Or, switch email providers. Apple Mail does have junk mail filtering. But you can turn that off (or just look in your junk mail folder to see what it is catching).

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