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Notes with Differerent Categories – iPhone and Computer

My goal- quit writing notes on paper. Want to keep notes in separate categories – such as people to call, groceries, errands, projects, etc.. Want to enter them either on the phone or the computer and have the sync be like my mobileme sync and not require a hard sync with the computer. I have Macbook Pro, iPhone, and Mobileme. I’ve tried using Mail and putting the To Do’s in there, but the notes don’t sync with the to do’s and I get a mme-attachment that can’t be opened. If I put the to do’s in iCal without a due date, they don’t sync to the iPhone in iCal. (I’ve done them with a due date in Mail and they also don’t sync any notes). Tried many options with Mac delivered apps and none doing exactly what I want. Closest thing I figured out was creating Contacts using the Company field as the category and the notes field for contents. Looking for suggestions with delivered tools if possible. I’ve searched a lot of iPhone apps and seems like only one does web and phone. Thanks!

— Sue Ryan

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    15 years ago

    I think what you want is Evernote -- it is a popular Mac and iPhone app. You can do all of that, and more.

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