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Is there a way to record a face time conversation?

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    12/24/16 @ 3:24 pm

    I assume you mean on a Mac. No and yes. There is no record option in FaceTime. But there is nothing to stop you from recording the screen using QuickTime Player the way I do when making tutorials. It helps if you expand FaceTime to the size of the screen, since you will be recording the whole screen anyway. And audio will be an issue. You can select to record audio from your microphone, so you will get your side of the conversation, and also whatever your mic picks up from your speakers for the other side.
    Another option is to use one of the many many screen recording apps offered by third parties. They often allow for “computer audio” to be recorded so you can get both sides of the conversation. You may need to play around with some free trials of these apps to get one you like — you may already have one as far as I know.

    12/24/16 @ 4:34 pm

    Gary, Thanks, I tried your suggestion using Quick Time with my daughter from Australia and it worked good the audio picked up from my speakers was marginal from her end but was acceptable.

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